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04 February 2012 @ 09:48 pm

Horrible day.

one. got talked about on the MRT by some act dua NUS guys.
People sit cannot? It's fucking 25 stops on the MRT, you expect me to stand?
Annoying fuck, talk until so loud. 
Also not reserved seat? -.-

two. arrived reallyreally late.

three. my throat hurts like fuck now.

four. people accuse me of treating them like a fucking barbie doll in my playhouse.
well, you don't even know what I go through everyday. 
so you should shut the fuck up.
you don't even know how much this means to me.

five. he ignored me.

six. I did really poorly for bowling.

seven. I spent 3 hours on travelling time. fuck , i could have finished the two essays . 

eight. I have a really really enormous amount of work to do, yet i;m still here.

Reasons why this is a good day. 
one. I had a strike during bowling today ! /le happy face
two. He's gonna buy me a bday present ! c:
three. I finally saw pearly in like THISSSSSSS long. Missed her sfm ! <3
four. BBQ WAS SO FUN <3 
five. I get to use the comp now since no one's at home.
six. I'm in love.
seven. I feel happy , idek why.
eight. we ate chocolate bananas today.
nine. I'm glad you're here for me.

Oh, and I hate np.
Especially my squadmates.
Fucking no mood go okay?
And then some people want me go, others want me don't go.
Fuck you. 
All annoying cunts that should fuck themselves.

Oh and I love xuechun. she is awesome. ;w; 
she told me lots of things I shouldn't know at all.

And poor year ones that just joined NP. POOR THINGS . ;___; MY HEART ACHES FOR YOU GUYS. <////3 

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21 January 2012 @ 11:34 am
Let me spazz.

MAMA High five.
MAMA Falling snow. 
MAMA Looking at each other 

MAMA was like maybe they getting to know each other or smth . ;DD

I think yanzhi hates me now. 
Or maybe not.

20 January 2012 @ 09:31 pm
As a Sooyoungster, I promise to cherish and love the Shikshin goddess, to feed the shikshin whenever she is hungry, to eat as much as I want despite what others say and I will be the Shikshin’s source of energy and happiness.

Jinqi is srsly gay. but he's nice lol .
sigh I really sian + shag nowadays. I have lost my sense of humour. D:

And i'm constantly feeling sick. Feeling like puking most of the time. Fucking sleepy and can't understand alot of stuff. D:

& I miss thong . And I miss my laptop ):

& I love my high heels. 8D

P.S. I brought a pillow to school then I found ppl playing with it ):

Weihao is a magician he can read body language omfg and he's so accurate it's scary.

Jerome likes someone ;)

And Qixuan got my number >_>

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15 January 2012 @ 08:21 pm

The wise words of master jieying :

Infatuation is a disease.
Love is a terminal illness.
Marriage is a suicide.
Having kids is a funeral.
Divorce is CPR.
Heh . c:

I hate it whenever i'm ignored on purpose. Act nice only ? >.>
I'm not here to like curb your boredom or anything , so fuck you . You act like my words don't mean a single thing . Fucking bitch .
p.s. Imma talking about a guy and probably not anyone who's viewing this. >_>
I really hate act nice people :c

And so , I was cleaning the toilet today. Then my bro got sprayed in the face by toilet bowl water. 8DD that totally made my day. ;)

Anyway so I was bitching with huiyi c: she's so cute.

I miss Jiarong . I miss Nicole and Clarissa . I hate to say this but I kinda miss school . (:
I shall go on a private ranting post about all my classmates and comments about them. LOL 8D

toodles imma go rewrite my compo for the 5th time. D; it never seems perfect enough.

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14 January 2012 @ 09:53 pm
I don't know how to cheer people up.
I don't know how to handle it when people tell me they've been rejected.
I don't know how to differentiate between jinqi and jiarong's texting. 
I don't know how to make things better.
I don't know how to write a good compo.
I don't know when I should really shut up.

But I have my principles, and I will not tell gerry. 
And I know how to design a swaggy webpage yo.
And I know how to annoy people and troll them. 

And I know how to sound cheem and professional whenever I want. 
^ That's the most important quality I need. ;D 
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13 January 2012 @ 10:55 pm

Why do I have so many rumors with people , o__o . 
/le' counts
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 6 PEOPLE. D:
\I don't really mind getting teased, idek why. :)

Anyway. Life kinda sucks, yet kinda rocks.
Lie sucks, but 3A rocks like, idek. Fyeah.
Every single day is spent singing and talking crap with Jiarong and Nicole and Clarissa.
But I recently got addicted to mugging ・ω・
Lie is so freaking emotional :(

So i forgot to bring my water bottle today.
So I drank my vita-500 that fiona gave me. <3
Then Jiarong Jin Qi and Jia En found out abt GG_LikeaBOSS. ( LOL ALL J NAMES)
And then I added them into GG_LikeaBOSS.
And then they think i'm cool. 8DD 
But obviously I'm cool. /le' strikes a pose

I realised I keep swearing whenever I'm not talking to 3A peeps or teachers.
This is weird.
" You sweared more than 20 times at my house today." 
D: <///////3 . 

I reallyreally like Jiarong reallyreally alot. <3 

I hope Jessie gets well in time for her audition. Hwaiting c:

Dream high , Aim high , Fly high . 

I hope I do well too.

Hwaiting, Jieying . Saranghaeyo . 

Yiling is gonna be a great fashion stylist for this horridly badly dressed best friend of hers.
I just realised how much I miss her . :((
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