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13 July 2012 @ 10:07 pm
thank you  

So I was listening to seoul.fm lolsies. And all of a sudden, some day by ukiss started playing .
I dont know whether it's just me or i'm seriously emotional nowadays, but I cried anyway.


It brought back so many memories, be it the good or the bad.
This song stood by me through a very bad period of my life. I was so fucking depressed (sorry for the profanity) but im thankful I got so much better (even though life is playing tricks on me and things are much worse)


I'm just really grateful to the many people that have stood by my side.
Fiona , yiling . Two beautiful people that I can always count on. 


Fiona: no words can really describe how much you mean to me. I know you dont know what to say and stuff, and im sorry for being a burden to you . But you stood by me , even though I think you find me annoying lmfao . ;_; whatever . Thank you for silently supporting me , in whatever I do.


Yiling: hi dear xx you're the one I always rant to, and the one I know I can always trust with every single thing that can be so private , and you give bloody good advice heeheeeeee . I hope youre coping well with your own problems too , okay ? we're really drifting apart but just know that you'll always be my friend.

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