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11 July 2012 @ 03:19 pm
utterly random  

        I’ve never heard that saying but can see where it would apply. Thinking about it, when you’re watching someone sleep, you’re seeing them at their most vulnerable. They’re relaxed and not protecting their expressions of movements.


You might even see their reactions to dreams crossing their face, both smiles and troubled grimaces, which in my case would make me feel protective, wanting to reach out and soothe their emotions. You’d be pulled into their aura, in a way, sensing something about them that you might not see in the light of day when they’re wide awake. I think there’s a softness there, too, but protective and caring would seem to be biggiesin how I mightreact. You’d notice every twitch and not be afraid they’d ask you what the heck you think you’re doing staring at them. Might even provide you with the first real look at someone, all their little scars and marks, so to speak, arousing thoughts of how they got them. I know you’re writing, so trying to think of it in that sense, stuff you’d want to reveal in words that the characters sense.


Their movements would be telling, too, I’d think. Someone who curls up in a "protective ball" might be a different sort from someone who sleeps sprawled, movements graceful even while asleep. If he slept on his side, he could throw an arm out, one that she could imagine across her, pulling her to him. That could be a moment she realizes how much she cares cos she realizes she wants to be in his arms. I’m thinking, too, that she might realize that he’s relaxed, something she’s rarely seen, perhaps a sudden realization that he feels comfortable enough with her to sleep a sound sleep, not a fitful, half awake one?


Sources: random thoughts


I hadn't heard the saying before it happened to me.


When I was in college, I had had a couple of dates with this one particular girl. The relationship had progressed normally, but I had lots else on my mind, being a college freshman. She asked me to give her a ride home for Thanksgiving, which was on my way.


We had a three hours drive that lateWednesday afternoon. She was pretty tired from having just taken an exam in her major and then packing some stuff for the ride home.


We talked a bit while we were stillin citytraffic, but once he hit the Interstate and were moving along in a relatively unlit rural area,theconversation slowed. Eventually, I noticed that she had her head propped up against the window of my car and was asleep.


Before we reached her house, I needed to gas up at a station right off of the Interstate. After gassing up, I checked my map for directions in a poorly lit area. When I turned off my dome light in my car, the moon was bathing her in a soft, warm light. Since I had covered her with a spare jacket and she had her shoes off, she looked peaceful, lovelyand very warm. I paused for a second and looked over at her. In those few seconds, I realized that she was a very beautiful female as my eyes absorbed every detail of her beauty from her tousled dark hair to her dainty feet encased in black nylons.


On the rest of the ride to her house, I remember thinking how beautiful she was and thinking to myself that I had too much going on in my life to get involved


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