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17 May 2012 @ 04:29 pm
One more fuckin' love song, I'll be sick.  
I'm grateful for all the support I've had recently.
When I fell to the very bottom, I've had you by my side.
My mom was kind of supportive, but I bet she'll bring it up again.
Even 仙佛 also gave me words of encouragement.
"信念要小心,…… 不是做多少善事,而是自性的圆满。"
translated to modern day language -> aka doesn't matter grades, but its the faith that matters.

To be honest, I really hated this.
The feeling where all your hard work is just wasted on nothing.
The feeling of disappointment when you don't achieve when you tried your best.
The feeling where you just want to hide in a hole and give up on everything.
The days I spent just crying myself to sleep.
The times I actually looked at that penknife again when I knew it was bad, really bad.

Thank you, for being my bestest friend on earth.
This might seem just sucky, but everything you do helps.
We might not have much to say anymore, but you know that you mean a lot to me.
I've cried a lot because of you, positively and negatively.
I think I don't know how to convey emotions well and neither do you.
But the simple sending me of lyrics made me cry.
I don't know, I just read it and started crying.
I guess I'm lucky to have you as a friend.
You might never see this, I'm afraid.
But it's okay. Cause you probably know how much I care about you.

Thank you , once more.

But even the sun sets in paradise.
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