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15 March 2012 @ 02:26 pm
Writer's Block: National Pi Day  


There you have it. hmm 19 digits? o____o 
I'm so sure. 8D 

Why did I even memorize it, idek. .__.
Anyway, seeing Tan Jin's dhs pm and just woah-ing .
Simply because... He's in love with someone? 

Like, are you fucking kidding me?
That's so strange . ._.v
Juniors crushing on people = weirdest thing ever.
No wonder last time the y3 NCO squad was bashing on me lmao.

Lmao Junwei's epicness. 
Dear Mrs Ang,

This is Jun Wei here, my group is asking if an extension to the English project is possible. As the English project requires oratory input, one of my group members, Jin Qi, would not be able to contribute in that area as he has just had an operation involving the area around his vocal organs. As we would like all the group members to contribute in as much as possible, we are requesting for an extension of the deadline, this is because we would not be able to start work right now with Jin Qi's situation as he is unable to speak/act. Please do advice us on this matter, thank you. "


Anyway i need money.
I want that b1a4 album + that alive album + shauna's prezzie ...
+ those jackets i saw on gmarket *___* 
F> SPONSORS??? D: eg goh junwei or hongju lmao then i can ask for my belated bday prezzie.

8) I feel gay.

Is a lie by omission truly a lie?
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